Intimidation to promote their wine trade

B"H -
Pity that many of these wineries use mainly North American evangelical so called volunteers to harvest their grapes, instead of local Jewish workers. As Jews are not allowed to benefit from idolatry, these wines are allegedly prohibited, even if kosher certified. The probable reason the Canadian Food Board allowing these products to be marked the way they are, is to destroy their Jews, as kedushim, bris, weddings, etc. performed with these wines are allegedly compromised. By providing you with
this information I am putting myself in danger, as intimidation to protect xtian interests by Zionists can be seen as widespread

- This is a comment on Canada cancels directive on 'settlement wines'
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Tel Aviv Municipality promotes their pride parade on YouTube

It's tax-payers' public money spent on the gay parading in G-d's Palace, which the Land of Israel is: UU, Utterly Unacceptable!

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Shavuot: The Torah Belongs to Us by Rabbi Eli Mansour

B"H -  The Gemara in Masechet Shabbat (88b) tells that when Moshe went up to the heavens to receive the Torah, he did not, shall we say, have an easy time. Instead of having the “red carpet” rolled out for him and receiving a warm welcome, he received a fierce argument. The angels vehemently protested G-d’s decision to give the Torah to human beings. They argued that the Torah was a “Hemda Genuza” – a precious treasure that had been with G-d in the heavens ever since the time of creation. Why, they asked, should it be given to lowly humans? They insisted that its rightful place was in the heavens. In the end, of course, Moshe successfully resisted this challenge, and G-d gave us the Torah.

The very last time I was privileged to hear Hacham Ovadia Yosef ZTL speak, during a trip to Israel in the final year before his passing, he offered a beautiful explanation of this story.

There is a law in Halacha called “Bar Mesra,” which establishes that a person who sells real estate must offer the right of first refusal to his neighbor. Thus, for example, if a person is selling his home, before putting it on the market, he must offer the property to his neighbor. Only if the neighbor is not interested in purchasing the property, or if the neighbor is unwilling to pay the market price for the property, may the homeowner put the house up for sale. The reason for this Halacha is that the land has special value to the neighbor. He can, if he so desires, combine the two properties into one large property. Given the unique benefits that the property offers to the neighbor, the Sages enacted this law requiring a seller to offer his neighbor the right of first refusal.

On this basis, Hacham Ovadia explained the angels’ claim. Before G-d went ahead and “sold” the Torah to Beneh Yisrael, the angels insisted on exercising their right of first refusal. As they reside in the heavens, they felt entitled to lay claim to the Torah, and to prevent G-d from offering it to human beings far away on Earth.

But if this is the case, then why were the angels mistaken? If they had a legitimate Halachic argument for why the Torah should remain with them, why did they lose their case?

Hacham Ovadia answered that there is an important exception to the rule of “Bar Mesra.” Namely, if the seller’s son is interested in the property, then, according to the ruling of the Rif (Rabbi Yishak of Fez, Morocco, 1013-1103), the son must be given precedence, even over the neighbor. Meaning, if both the neighbor and the son want to purchase the property and are prepared to pay the market value, the son is given precedence.

This easily explains why the angels were wrong. Although the angels were the Torah’s “neighbors,” as they resided in the heavens, Beneh Yisrael are the Almighty’s children, as Moshe Rabbenu proclaims in the Book of Debarim (14:1), “You are the children of Hashem your G-d.” Therefore, we are given the right of the first refusal, so-to-speak, and we were given the Torah in spite of the angels’ opposition.

When we celebrate our receiving the Torah on Shabuot, we celebrate the fact that the Torah belongs to us, that we, as the Almighty’s children, are its rightful owners.

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On Dr. Abramson explaining the world "Jerusalem day"

B"H - Dr. Abramson, no matter how one feels about the underlying events, the Zionists inserting their propaganda "yoms", days, into our Jewish calendar is utterly arrogant and unacceptable. Hashem hates arrogance more than any other traits and so should we. This is one. Two, why exactly do you call Israel a Jewish state, when in reality it is a democratic republic with ant-Torah, democratic institutions having their headquarters right in the Jerusalem the Zionists celebrate, like the so called "supreme court" with Arab judges sitting on it or its army, the IDF. with Arab officials serving in it? What is Jewish about that? Three, expending the same logic, why in the world your, by the way excellent videos, you show off the State's, what I call usurpation lag? Are you guys in the States worship G-d, immaterial, apolitical, or the secular and Hellenist State of Israel with its usurped Jewish symbols and with its usurped Jewish narrative?

- This is a comment on Jerusalem Day (Yom Yerushalayim) This Week in Jewish History
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On the Zionists celebrating their "Yerushalayim day"

B"H -  This is all Zionst propaganda! Since when ordinary people have the right in Judaism to introduce new "yoms" to our Jewish calendar? The fact that the Zionists do so is indicative only of their shameless arrogance, which is exactly the trait Hashem hates the most. Rabbis, you are destroying  your reputation with your own corruption!

- This is a comment on WATCH: Thousands pray at the Western Wall on Jerusalem Day
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The OU certifies its inadequacy

B"H - The reunification of Yerushalayim the Zionists celebrate every year produced the most corrupt, Hellenist, anti-Torah and anti-G-d Yerushalayim ever in our history. Besides, the Zionists are not authorized to introduce “yoms” to our Jewish calendar and the fact that they do, is proof of their pure arrogance and agit-prop of and for their political agenda. On top of all this, celebrating during the Counting of the  Omer constitutes an open rebellion against our Sages and against our G-d Himself: Jewishly? The whole thing is nothing but a deplorable and utterly disgusting, sickening, Hellenist fest and that the OU joins in is a Certificate of Inadequacy.

- This is a comment on We never had this kind of freedom before in Jerusalem
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Zionism vs Judaism

B"H - Only arrogant Zionism celebrates their wicked, most corrupt, anti-Torah, anti-G-d, Hellenist Jerusalem ever in our history. Besides, they are not authorized to introduce "yoms" into our Jewish calendar and the fact that they do and during the Omer, constitutes an open rebellion against our Sages, Torah and against G-d Himself.

- This is a comment on We never had this kind of freedom before in Jerusalem
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On Tombstones toppled at Philadelphia Jewish cemetery

B"H - Yes, and Jewish homes toppled at Amona, at Ulpana in Bet El, at Migon, at Homesh and Sa-Nur in Samaria and of course twentyone whole Jewish villages were destroyed in Gush Katif by the State of Israel twelve years ago. Which of these topplings are more anti-Semitic?

- This is a comment on Tombstones toppled at Philadelphia Jewish cemetery
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Who Was Rabbi Moshe Cordovero? by Dr. Henry Abramson

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Bank Hapoalim, one of the major banks in Israel, does not provide mortgages over the "green line" for Jews

B"H - Let us not forget and maybe not forgive, that at least one of the three major high street banks in Israel, Bank Hapoalim, does not provide mortgages for housing for Jews inJudea and Samaria. I had to take out a personal loan at 10% interest to finance my house.

- This is a comment on Sharp rise in housing investment in Judea and Samaria
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We Want a Torah State! - The Jewish vision for Judea and Samaria


Annexation is idiotic! What's the point in having a bigger secular State with 70% taxes? Judea and Samaria should be developed into the Torah state we are not allowed to have on the entire Land! Torah state implies Torah taxes as well, which means that for all practical purposes we would have a Free Zone off shore territory here, with Monte Carlo-like intense development and economic growth.

- This is a comment on The time has come to apply the same law to all citizens
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The Zionists are not our Sages and they have no business in fiddling with our Jewish calendar and introduce "yoms", days to it!

B"H -  "There are two days to memorialize the Holocaust, representing two fundamentally different world-views". If one insist to discard the Jewish prospective that is. One world view according to this author is a Christian-post Christian one of the nations and the other - is a Zionist one. In Jewish tradition however, as  established by our Sages, our fast day of remembrance on the Jewish calendar is Tisha b'Av, the day on which, incidentally, the deportations began from the Warsaw Ghetto to the camps in '42. It is very unfortunate and arrogant in my humble opinion for the Zionists to fiddle with our Jewish calendar and illegally introduce these "yoms", days to it, as if they were our Sages: Well, they are not and never will be.

- This is a comment on Warsaw Ghetto uprising or Auschwitz liberation, which day to choose?
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On the Yerushalmi Faction

G-d bless Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach and his courageous Yerushalmi Faction: No Jew should enroll in the IDF and none of these yoms (days) created by the secular State are legal. They are binding only in Zionism, not in Judaism.

- This is a comment on Anti-Zionist radicals protest on Holocaust Remembrance Day
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Jews indeed should not enlist in the IDF!

B"H - Of course Rabbi Tzvi Friedman is 100% correct, may G-d bless him: Only the cursed Zionists worship the State, Jews worship HaShem!

- This is a comment on Better for your children to die than to join the IDF
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What exactly the term "newspaper members" mean?

B"H - So now we are at the arrest of newspaper "members", whatever this term may mean. When it happens in other countries like in Argentina or China, it is called Clamp-down on the Free Press, something that in Israel, in the Only Democracy in the Middle East, cannot possibly happen. Unless of course they write something the State really does not like.

- This is a comment on 28 arrested in crackdown on anti-Zionist radicals
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Rabbi Yosef Karo and the Code of Jewish Law - A Jewish History Lecture by Dr. Henry Abramson

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Is Zionism Judaism? Nope, it ain't!

B"H - In their shameless attempt to usurp everything and anything Jewish, some Zionists claim that even King David was a Zionist: Bad luck guys, Zionism was invented some 3000 years after his time! Ah, and in Judaism women cover their hair, only in Zionism they don’t.

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Transparent attack of the central banking fake "Shekel" Zionist State's against cryptocurrency

B"H - Phha, this Bitcoin, phhu, this Bitcoin, phhu, that Bitcoin, but even if this evil Bitcoin, holy government agencies prevail and give you people life: Transparent Orwellian Zionist State propaganda.

- This is a comment on How bomb threat suspect evaded capture for so long

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Rav. Daniel Kaplan on Rav. Kook - Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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On the Telegraph's history of BMW

 B"H - Why forget and why forgive the company's great, wide and deep involvement with the Nazis? Did they not benefit from massive government contracts and slave labor under Hitl*r?

- This is a comment on The history of BMW | TELEGRAPH CARS
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Voting for kneset is perpetuating the sin of the Golden Calf

B"H -  The proper Torah ACTION is to abstain from the vote for kneset as we voted for HaShem under the Mount in Sinai for ALL generations. Even if there were "good" part-ies to vote for, the very fact that they are running for kneset nixes them out as Torah has nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with HaShemcracy: Doing what the people want as opposed to what HaShem wants is precisely a Golden Calf and we are warned against it.

- This is a comment on a question posted in a Closed fb Group "Is Yishai Fliesher still on Zehut's ticket?"

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Saying the truth is imperative

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Zionism is not Judaism!

B"H - This is Zionist propaganda, trying to identify Zionism with Judaism. In reality they are two different things, one is diametrically opposed to the other. Let us remember that it is the secular State of Israel that actively prevents us Jews from running a Torah state in G-d's Palace here, in the Land of Israel.

- This is a comment on Anti-Israel is Antisemitism
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Ki Tisha: For the Zionists the Golden Calf is not a sin anymore

B"H -  While this writing, on the technical plain, is absolutely brilliant, it is damn frightening to see how far and how deep the Zionists are prepared to cut into our Jewish body of understandings in order to legitimize their illegitimate secular State of Israel that rules over us in the Land of Israel and actively prevents us from running a Torah state in G-d's Palace: Now they explain, how and why, in their eyes, even the Golden Calf is not a sin anymore! G-d save us from the heresy of the Zionists!

- This is a comment on Ki Tissa/Shabbat Parah: While Purim is still echoing...
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The relevance of Ki Tisha in our time

B"H - Tomorrow we read Ki Tisha, the Torah portion of this week that recounts the story of the Golden Calf. I can't think of any single text which is more relevant to us today than this, at a time when Moshe is not here with us and when we are taught by the Zionists that we have to be strong by ourselves, without any reference to Torah, even if in the Golden Calf episode we are warned against the worshiping what the people want (democracy) instead of waiting out Moshe, to connect us with  G-d. So, one of the morals of the story is that no, the State of Israel is not Moshe and no matter how hard we try, it never will be. Only Moshe is Moshe and we are not allowed to replace him and worship anything other than HaShem, the One G-d! Running the non-prescribed secular State of Israel in G-d's Palace, in the Land of Israel, is one terrible mistake, a sin, comparable with the sin of the Golden Calf,  for which we are not forgiven yet, for which we will still have to be punished G-d forbid, that is if we don't make tsuva, if we don't repent! May G-d save us from His Wrath! Have a Gut Shabes everyone!

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Amazing Torah codes on evolution

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- Q: Can't one love Hashem and the IDF, which is made up of our sons and daughters, at the same time?

B"H -  A: I think this our sons and daughters business is just another corrupting factor the Zionists use to confuse many Jews: There is a little detail people tend not pay attention to, called the swearing in, in which the soldiers are required to swear allegiance to the State and to its legal command chain. So, it is not true that they are defending "us", the Jews. They are defending the institutions of the secular State! Agreed, there is overlapping, but you see the point? The primary concern is that we swore allegiance to G-d under the Mount in Sinai for all generations, that's what makes us Jews. So, the short answer to your question is no, one cannot be loyal to HaShem and to the State at the same time. It is exactly what the xtians do with yeshu and one cannot be an observant Jew and an idol worshiper at the same time. It's either or. It's true that many of the kids go in there with the best of intentions, to protect the Jews and the Land, but in reality, as we have seen too many times, they can and will be used against us. We need a Jewish army that fights for Israel (Yaakov), yes, but mainly for the glory of G-d  and the prescribed way, not for their own glory, in the way of the gentiles, as the IDF does.

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THE STORM STELLA IN THE U.S. ADAR 5777 in bible code Glazerson

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On the IDF forcing soldiers to visit a church

B"H - Jewish state? Ha! This is an Erev Rav state with an Erev Rav army that rules over us, mostly naive and well-meaning (and detached) Jews in G-d's Land

- This is a comment on IDF soldiers forced to visit church
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Dr. Henry Abramson on who was King David?

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The Democratic Republic of Israel is as close to Nazism as one can get in our time

B"H - The Holocaust in Nazi Europe was also perfectly "legal". When a country's legal system allows itself to divorce from any moral standard, let alone Torah Law, that country is in big trouble, especially if it calls itself "Israel" and pretends to be Jewish!

- This is a comment on Israel Border Police forces begin home evacuations in Ofra
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TNCPI: The new Trump-Netanyahu Comprehensive Peace Initiative

Bennett’s Annexation Plan? Only wishful thinking

The Two State solution? Nebich, which translates to poor, small, petty, pity-some thing, in Yiddish. With other words, the peace plan that Mr. Peres, the Clintons and the globalist Left shoveled down in our collective Jewish throats, known as the Oslo Accords, and the subsequent waves of the Oslo terror wars that cost many hundreds of Israeli lives, are nothing, a holiday, respect of what may very well be coming from the new Trump presidency, despite of all the wide-spread enthusiasm and optimism that surrounds it in Israel.

In partnership with Jared and Yael Kushner, the president’s daughter, who after more than seven years of marriage  and three children still prefers to call herself by her maiden name, Ivanka Trump, and with Bibi Netanyahu on the Israeli side, they are presumably aiming higher than anyone has before them: A Big, Comprehensive Peace Initiative is in the making. You thought the Oslo Accords were bad enough? Think again! Chances are that what is being planned for Israel may G-d forbid very well turn out to be a lot worse for the Children of Israel than anyone could have imagined up until only a few month ago.
The fact of the matter is that the Obama-Clinton-Kerry, Democratic, leftist, Federica Mogherini, European Union Nuclear deal with Iran created a new reality on the ground here, in the Middle East, empowering the Ayatollahs in Teheran and Teheran in the region. Such empowerment sends the Arab states, now in fear of Iran, running right into the open arms of the Western powers that include the State of Israel, for a life insurance policy to protect their wealth, health and happiness.

So, whereas the old Two states peace plan proposed an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, which is a member of the Arab League, as a precondition for peace between Israel and the Arab states in general, intrinsically sending the price over the roof, for under such a deal the Palestinian Arabs are promoted to be kingmakers and constantly solicited to pretend better and better offers for themselves, the new Trump-Netanyahu deal will likely to turn this logic on its head and propose a Big and Comprehensive Israel-Arab League peace deal first, which would contain within it an Israeli-PA deal, the old Two state solution, but only as an integral part of the new big Trump-Netanyahu Comprehensive Initiative.

Under these conditions the so called Palestinians would lose their prima-donna status and be forced to accept. This deal would be seen as too big to fail by all sides, which is a classic Trump card: Not only the Arab League countries, but the entire Arab world would earn their safety vis-à-vis the Iran threat, Israel would have its desired peace with them, earning Netanyahu a Nobel Peace Prize, which we assume he desires. Wealthy Israelis, mainly the secular, could soon flock and go to sunbathe to the beaches of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, just to mention a few of what would be seen here, in G-d’s  holy Land, as places of new tourist attraction.

Such a peace deal will also require Israel to withdraw from the “Territories”, to at least formally appease the Palestinian Arabs. Who do you think would care, under such a bold proposal? The Left? They would go wild for it, more than they went wild for the Two state solution. The Right? Well, they would just do it as they did it and many times in the past, selling out the Jews and Torah.

So, it seems to be fair to assume that this is the real reason why Netanyahu treats the Amona residents the way he does and this is why he is not annexing Area C, the so called "settlements": He wants to keep the Territories as liquid, as give-away-ready as possible.

Sorry Bennett, you and your failed annexation plan are ancient political history of the not-so-Jewish, Erev Rav State, outmaneuvered by and replaced with the TNCPI, the new Trump-Netanyahu Comprehensive Peace Initiative, soon to be launched on your favorite evening newscasts, G-d forbid!
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Teitel's on hunger-strike!

B"H - Free Teitel NOW! When Israeli law goes against Torah Law, Torah Law should be given priority in the Land of Israel!

- This is a comment on 'Jewish terrorist' Jack Teitel's hunger strike enters 2nd week
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We need all of our Torah institutions!

B"H - We need all of our Torah institutions, a Jewish king to run the executive, a Cohen gadol, to run the Temple on the Temple Mount in Yerushalaim, the Sanhedrin and righteous courts in every village all over the Land to administer justice: The present secular State established in '48 is Hellenist and Jews should have nothing to do with it as it is the evil force that prevents us as a nation from doing Torah in the Land!
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What a load of BS!

B"H - No, you Fritz: The refusal of Jewish "settlements" can lead to war!

- This is a comment on Germany: 'Settlements' could lead to war
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On Rav. Kahane

In Or Hara'ayon, on page 659 of the English edition to be precise, Rav.Kahane  writes: "The Jewish government, the king and the police apparatus were mainly intended to run the Jewish State as a theocracy in accordance with G-d's mitzvot". This exactly is the phrase many of the students and followers of the rav. don't want to hear and pretend it is not there, so that they can unleash their egos and run for kneset freely, saying that if the rav did it, it must be right. Well, as it happens, like many politicians, Kahane has an ambiguity problem, that is to say that there is a discrepancy between what he was preaching (exciting Torah) and what he was doing (boring participation in the secular Sate's anti-Torah democracy). This ambiguity is alive and well here with us today, determining a harsh contrast between what we may want to call the Zionist and the anti-Zionist wings of the Kahanist movement. What is kind of strange to see is that many of the Zionist followers of the rav who set out to reform the State, albeit from within, have become today the staunchest defenders of the status quo: For his legacy and for the future of the Children of Israel this American rabbi, who contributed with his actions maybe more than anyone else to Americanize Israel, would have done well to better align what he was preaching with what he was doing.

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Has Zionism Hijacked Judaism?. - Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro

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Even the name of the State is usurped: How can a democratic republic be "Israel"?

B"H - A delay, no more you say? I wish I could share your optimism Daniel. It is important to gauge the historic reality we are in correctly and notice that this time around none of our Torah-prescribed institutions are in place. Not the Jewish king to head the executive, not the Cohen gadol to run the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, not the Sanhedrin and righteous courts in every village all over the Land to administer justice. In fact the secular justice system administers injustice. In this generation the Jews are running a Hellenist republic on G-d's Land and so it's really not surprising that it does not work for us that well. When we'll decide to pour Torah on the Land and not the Zionist build, build, build cement, then we'll get somewhere. Unless of course HaShem decides otherwise. At present, we only extend the Galus to the Land of Israel and as if we needed a confirmation of this fact, this time around we get the pogroms not from the tzar but from what you call our very own State of Israel.

- This is a comment on Beshalach: Stumbling on the way to redemption
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Supreme so called court seems to be illogical. incredible and anti-Jewish in its latest rulings

B"H - In its latest rulings the so called supreme court seems to be illogical, incredible and anti-Jewish in as much as it attributes more importance to Arab farmers' human right to the shortest access-route to work their claimed agricultural lands "every day of the year" against the Jewish residents' human right - to be just that, to continue to reside in their own homes, in their own villages: This level of blatant anti-Jewish bias is unacceptable and has to be censored!

- This is a comment on Supreme Court targets additional neighborhood for demolition
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Supreme Court: Anti-Jewish and treasonous activity

B"H - It is required that the so called supreme court recognizes that these Arab petitions are presented to it not in a vacuum but in the context of a war waged against us for the Land of Israel that the G-d of Abraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov gave us, to the Jews, to do Torah in it and that these Arab petitioners base their claims on unsubstantiated deception: There are no real Arab absentee owners of these barren hills and these false claims are presented only to harass the Jews. It is also required that this so called court recognizes that according to its own definition, the raison d’être of the State of Israel is to enable and promote Jewish life in our G-d-given Land. Therefore, the fact that this so called court regularly and predictably decides against the Jews and sides with the Arabs has to be classified as anti-Jewish activity and treated as such and declared illegal and treasonous in Israel, fit for Arab countries, like Jordan, Arabia or Yemen.

- This is a comment on 'We expect Bennett to take up the reins'
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The so called supreme court is consistently anti-Jewish: Can they be stopped?

B"H - The anti-Jewish so called supreme court has to be decommissioned somehow. Can maybe the anti-Nazi party laws be used, or the anti-terrorist supporting organization laws maybe?

 - This is a comment on Bennett rejects Netanyahu's request to delay Regulation Law vote
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This Hellenist State of Israel is utterly useless for the Jews

B"H - According to the Zionists' own propaganda the State of Israel exists to allow Jews to live in the Land of Israel and to protect and to promote Jewish life here. Well, on 27 Tevet 5777 (25 Jan. 2017) this State have abdicated its raison d'etre and thus rendered itself as irrelevant as all the other Nazi-infected anti-Semitic forces in history's dustbin.

 - This is a comment on Justice Minister: We did everything we could
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Amona was destroyed because we don't keep Torah - in Torah codes

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Introspection: I made a mistake coming here

B"H - My introspection on Amona, Israel: On a personal level? I made a mistake coming here: This is the most anti-Sermitic, Nazi-like state on the map right now. If let's say Ukraine did this or Argentina, you'd be all up in arms and disgusted. As the Zionists do the pogroms in the Land of Israel, most of you are just fine with it and remain silent, you bunch of foolish, misguided, State-worshiping Israelis, which is what you really are! I feel like poking, I must get out of here!

- This is a comment on 3000 Policemen to evacuate 200 activists
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