On the Unesco fiasco 2

B"H - Attention, Unesco's position on the Temple Mount, described as anti-Semitic, coincides 100% with that of the State of Israel's: Otherwise it would have built the Third Temple in the past 68 years, it would not have given it away to the Arabs and it would refrain from arresting Jews with the force who attempt to pray there to the G-d of Israel. Unesco's decision is a direct result of the State's un-Jewish posing all over the spectrum, from internally, persecuting its Jews for Torah-prescribed activities to externally and on the international scene!

- This is a comment on SIGN THE PETITION - Help STOP the UNITED NATIONS attempt to wipe Israel from history
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On the Unesco fiasco

B"H - In the midst of the Unesco fiasco let's not forget that even the name of the country, Israel, is usurped from the Biblical Jewish Narrative by the Zionists, to be used against the Jews, Torah and G-d Himself!

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Foolish Zionists!

B"H - In what exactly this decision of the UN differs in any way, shape or form from that of the State of Israel's, that not only gave the Mount to the Arabs but harasses and regularly arrests Jews who pray there in the past half century? Not wanting to see how anti-Semitic Israel is, allows it to get worst every year: Foolish Zionists! Zionism clearly is not Judaism!

- This is a comment on The UN has decided that Jews have no connection to Jerusalem 
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Zionism is NOT Judaism!

B"H - Jews in Israel and around the world, we are under Yom Kippur: Repent from giving your support to the secular State of Israel and waiving its Usurpation Flag! Instead of to this idol, give your full and unconditional support to HaShem, to our Immaterial, Eternal, One G-d! Don't forget, it is this unconditional allegiance with HaShem we promised under the Mount in Sinai for all generations approximately 3300 years ago that makes us Jews at the first place: "We will do and we will understand"! Remember? Have your soul been there? Don't accept the worthless, alternative idol the Zionists offer you to "attach your hopes and aspirations", which is the Rambam's definition of idol worshiping, to the State! Love only HaShem, not some stupid, replacement, kofer entity!

- This is a comment on this Zionism is NOT Judaism video

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Two days ahaed of Yom Kippur Ettinger is in custody again. FREE Ettinger immedietly!

B"H - This is a comment on Rabbi Meir Kahane's grandson arrested
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In occasion of the passing of Peres, the State shouts out its wounded goyishness

Q: Since when the lowering of the usurpation flag to half mast is a Jewish custom of mourning?
A: It is not a Jewish custom: Jews read tehelim. Only the new religion called Zionism lowers the usurpation flag (and sounds sirens, in memory of the 6 million, etc.).

- This is a comment on Knesset flags lowered to half-mast
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Rav Richter Shiur -- Can Gentiles Repent 3

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What the heck Israel is doing at the UN?

A speech that starts with "Israel has a bright future at the UN", no matter how it is deemed as good by many, cannot be but trash! Why? In Bamidbar 23:9 it says “..the nation shall dwell alone, and not be reckoned among the nations” (!). This is the Torah value we should be going by, not the achievements and aspirations of the secular, democratic republic abusively called "Israel", established in G-d's Land in '48 by kofrim!

- This is a comment on Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu SHREDS the UN During Speech - 9/22/16
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Rav Richter Shiur - Can Gentiles Repent? 2

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Rav Richter Shiur - Can Gentiles Repent? 1

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On Peres' stroke


Sometimes the Politically Correct press gives us the good news as if it was bad. Peres committed terrible crimes against the Children of Israel and it is good to know that no matter what, those times are over.

- This is a comment on Peres's son: 'We will have to make difficult decisions'
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