Zionism As A New Religion

B"H - This me/us being Neturei Karta accusation business often comes up and of course I call it name calling a) because that's what it is and b) because there are macroscopic differences in outlook between them and us, namely the haredi tradition refutes the concept of a modern Jewish state, we don't, with the added irritant of them collaborating with our enemies, which is a huge error and something which we would never do. However let me draw the attention here to the fact that more than anyone else, it is the Zionists worshiped State of Israel and not NK that is responsible for the direct and indirect empowering of our enemies. At the final analysis the question is indeed very simple: As Jews do we want to give a hand to and support the current Erev Rav, secular, anti-Torah State entity by saying all sorts of silly things, like it is a seed, or that redemption is a process or that it is the best of all that is possible or that it is a vessel to be filled with what is good or that we must be realistic and Torah is not realistic and so on, or rather just DO the Jews by doing the required mitzvot of the Book and leave the running of the show to Hashem? One of the reasons I love Rosh HaShana is because in our liturgy this is the occasion to proclaim Him what He is and what we tend to forget during most of the year, King that is, of the universe! Throwing up in the air logical solutions to OUR problems is not the Jewish Way! Doing Torah is. even if it is not logical, not practical, not realistic or considered not beneficial. These alternative solutions and practices go under the name of Zionism and it is not a question of semantics to distinguish, as we should, between the two: It is a question of hard substance! Judaism worships Hashem, Zionism the "renaissance of the Jewish People", as Rav. Kook put it, a self-serving, intrinsically reform turn! Believe it or not, and today it is difficult to believe, there are sources that prohibit even the reading of Rav. Kook books. I'm referring to Rav. Alfandary who brings down Rav. Yedid Yosef HaLevi, a staunch opposer of the Kookist reform-stream. I happened to firmly believe that the issue of the bringing in xtians to the Shomron and elsewhere is the tip of the iceberg, the most visible sign of a much wider phenomena, that is of the bankruptcy and unsustainability of what has became known as the Religious Zionist stream, a maybe difficult to detect but nevertheless new religion, in my view.

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On Waging Israel's War: No Apologies

B"H - Esser Agaroth, Zionism is NOT part of Torah, Judaism is part of Torah. The difference? Judaism worships Hashem. Zionism "the renaissance of the Jewish people" as Rav. Kook put it: A self-serving Torah distortion of the winning mafia, that allows the nominally Jew to be a Torah-less Zionist. On the same token, if Zionism was Judaism (Hashemcracy), it would call itself Judaism, no? Thank you Tomer Dvorah for the excellent exposition of the "Clarification" part. Even if we are under Rosh HaShana, the "Public Apology" part in my view is superfluous as we are not in the realm of personal arguments, but waging Israel's four-front war against Ishmael, Edom, the Erev Rav and their helpers.
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Does One Make Aliyah to the State or to the Land? What's Your Take? Please Comment!

B"H - Let's not let the State steal and usurp even the meaning of the term "aliyah". Aliyah is the holy link between the Jew and his or her Land, the Land of Israel, not between him or her and the State of Israel! The Zionist and kofer State must restitute Judaism to the Jews!

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A Debbie Henderson Thought, Agreed and Evidenced

B"H - What we've really got here is a clash of values between two religions - traditional Torah Judaism and so-called Religious ZIonism. Many settler-type Jews have unfortunately been converted over to Religious Zionism which is as idolatrous in its own way as Xianity, hence the compatibility between the two. This is how HaIvri, Medad, etc can call Tommy Waller their "brother" while they disrespect and insult and ridicule a good Torah Jew like Ariel Ben Yochanan. I see that it is useless to quote Torah to these adherents of this new false religion because very simply it is not their authority. The rabbis of the Kook-persuasion who have propagated this new false religion are their authorities. And it is enough to just throw out the names and the title rabbi is supposed to awe us. No need to actually find and quote authentic traditional Torah sources. If you really begin to examine these two groups, you will find that HaIvri and Lipkin and Medad and so many others from YoSh really have converted over to another false religion and they now have much more in common with their Xian "brothers" than with the likes of us - the lovers and upholders and defenders of authentic Torah Judaism.

- This is a Debbie Henderson comment on Standing With Those Who Stand With Israel
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On Mr. Haivri

B"H - Like most Kookists, Mr. Haivri fails to distinguish between loving Israel and loving Hashem. Unfortunately for him, we have specific halacha, Jewish Law, as to how to deal with idol worshipers and bringing them in to the Shomron goes against those Laws. As far as their so called "help" is concerned, it benefits a few winery owners and Mr. Haivri himself, not the communities, as he claims. The communities are robbed of hundreds and hundreds of local low-tech job opportunities for our youths and for our unemployed, to the tune of about ten million shekels per season, between lost wages and the lost inducted of local businesses, beers, pizzas, etc. Even if Mr. Haivri tries to make appear the activity of these xtians on our Land in a positive light, it is clear to everyone that their presence here goes directly against the well known principle, movement and values of Avodah Ivrit, of using Jewish labor on the Land. Why Mr. Haivri doesn't occupy himself with bringing in Jews rather than xtians to the Land? All in all, the bringing in of the xtians to the Shomron for greed, for increased profitability of the wineries that use them, seems to be only the tip of an iceberg, the most visible sign of a much larger, wider and deeper corruption, namely of the bankruptcy of all Zionisms, including religious Zionism: They only care about themselves, leaving Hashem, our G-d, out in the cold: Judaism worships Hashem, Zionism the "renaissance of the Jewish people", as Rav. Kook put it: A self-serving Torah-distortion, no doubt popular amongst people like Mr. Haivri.

- This is a comment on Standing With Those Who Stand With Israel
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Yisrael Medad anti-Semite?

B"H - Yisrael Medad, this is not the first time you are defending the Wallers' xtian assault on our People and on our Land and probably will not be the last one either. So, let me add my two cents to the debate and draw your attention to the fact that by acting this way you achieve only one goal and that is to put your own status as a Jew publicly in doubt: As Jews don't expel Jews, the same way Jews don't support xtian missionary effort, unless they are rotten to the core. As far as the melamedic clearance that you mention is concerned, it is based on the false and very Kookist assumption that he who loves the Land, the "renaissance of the Jewish People", as he puts it, also loves Hashem. This is not so and the proof are the very xtians who are being bought in to the Shomron by corrupt irresponsibles and who continue to pray to their man-god idol, yoshke. Besides, the claim that they "assist the harvesting" also is false, what they really do is undercut our local jobs market, steal our badly needed low-tech jobs from our own youth and unemployed and by doing so damage our economy to the tune of about ten million shekels per season. Do the maths yourself: 25 shekels minimum hourly wage multiplied by 8 hours per day, multiplied by 25 working days in a month, multiplied by the 3 months stay of the average "volunteer", multiplied by their number, given as 500. This figure is above of the damage they do to local businesses in lost inducted, beers, pizzas, etc., and to the damage to the wine itself, rendering it unsuitable for Jewish ritual consumption, as we are prohibited to take benefit from idol worship. All in all I'd characterize your short piece as anti-Semitic as it aims to render our dwelling on the Land that much more difficult and the fact that you reside in Shilo doesn't change this.

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On the IDF Military Salute

B"H - Can we consider the IDF military salute given to the flag of the State of Israel idol worshiping? I say yes-ish. Why? Because the military salute, apart of its sheer intrinsic goyishness, is a stylized lifting of the hat, which is a stylized bowing which is one of the verbs the Rambam recognizes as idol worshiping no matter what, whether done in the way they supposed to be doing it or not: Bowing in front of anything that is not Hashem, is idol worshiping!

- This is a comment on Parashat Shoftim: Sanctifying the Name of God
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Here's My Rabbi!

The whole shiur is valid but at 22 minutes Rabbi Mizrachi says "The first thing Israel must do is to abolish democracy". Exactly! That's the key to sanity.
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On Daniel Tregerman's Death

B"H - Maybe there is a message in poor little Daniel Tregerman's death, the 4 years old killed by Hamas mortar fire yesterday: Don't be a soccer fan, don't seek excitement in Hellenistic spectator sports, seek wisdom and immense joy in our holy texts, like Jews used to do in past centuries. There can be no satisfaction in turning ourselves into Hebrew-speaking goyim!

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