What's YOUR criteria for evil?

B"H - May G-d curse and destroy kneset and let us hope and pray that it burns down like the reichstag, with all the evil kneset members in it, in our days, say amen! Let the head of the snake fall! Now, how's that for a nice hate-post of evil? For those who don't know, hating evil is a mitzvah, voting for it is a sin. You don't think kneset is evil? Well, what's your criterea for evil is then?

- This is a comment on A New Shabbos Law? Don't Be Fooled!
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I had a dream! Rather, a nightmare.


My sleep is now rather fragmented and early this morning I had a dream that I want to share with you. A what I'd describe as a prophetic voice told me to watch the Torah, keep it on high ground, in the hill-country where I reside, don't let it further descend to sea-level or, G-d forbid, even under it. Torah was given to us in the Sinai 3300 years ago, under the Mount that is not too high, not too low, as our Sages explain, to balance out excessive pride and shyness. As the prophetic voice explained to me in the dream, ever since its giving, throughout our history, the Torah keeps descending from the Mount and now it risks to end up at sea-level and we have to proactively engage to avoid this tragedy. Then I suddenly woke up and thought "Wow, this really is a strong visual, this Torah that slowly but surely is descending from the Mount ever-since its giving and now it risks to drawn as it were, at sea-level or  even below, G-d forbid". I thought to myself: "Are the Zionists really succeeding in separating the Jew from Torah"?

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Well done! But hey, is it enough?

B"H - "Our" Yaacov Biblow's in the news! My take? Even if he won and his case changed military regulations, he shouldn't be in there in the first place, swearing allegiance to the State, instead of Hashem- This is talkback #2 on IDF changes facial hair regulations for religious troops
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The Whole Thing is Ridiculous

B"H - The whole thing is ridiculous, non Torah institutions like secular government and kneset per definition can't decide that they are "Jewish": They aren't. Torah makes us Jewish, not empty proclamations!

- This is talkback #11 on Government passes controversial Jewish nationhood bill and a comment on Netanayhu's "Jewish State Law" Is Not Really Jewish
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